Thermologix is a temperature monitoring company which offers credible, compliant and easy to use temperature monitoring devices. These devices can be used by multiple industries for monitoring such as pharmacies, butcheries, food stores, IT companies (for server rooms) or any other industry that needs to maintain a certain temperature in order to have successful operations.

As Thermologix we specialize in:

  • Distribution Warehouse and Freezer Mapping
  • Distribution Warehouse and Freezer Mapping
  • Ambient Temperature Monitoring
  • Merchandise Security Solutions
  • Retail Vaccine Refrigerator Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring Ranges
  • -25 to -15 deg c | +2 to +8 deg c | +15 to +25 deg
  • Humidity Monitoring

Reasons To Choose Us


Our unique software with WWW secure access allows the user to manage and monitor their refrigeration and thermal variances /activations from remote locations.

The software is also used as an audit and management tool for alarm notifications, responses and response times, incident management, email notification, and follow-up.

Substantial cost-savings in the form of reduced product loss and reduced shrinkage costs. Respond only to real incidents. No routine periodic checks via shop assistants is required

Real-Time Reporting

Thermologix can deliver real-time reporting per tag and performs a health check every 4 hours showing the following:

  • T-tag serial number;
  • date and time;
  • the temperature in degree Celsius of each refrigeration units in operation;
  • the ambient temperature in degree Celsius of the controlled environment.

In the event of any tag recording a temperature exceeding its lower and upper thresholds, Thermologix will deliver real-time reporting per tag.

RFID Technology Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows automatic identification of objects, animals or people, thermal variations and GPS locations by attaching a small electronic chip to a “host”.

Data is stored on this chip and can be “read” by wireless devices called RFID readers.

Active RFID Tags are populated with movement sensors. These tags then act as anti-tampering proactive warning devices that transmit data and status to a transponder locally or over several kilometers radius.

In terms of Real- Time Reporting

The aforementioned health check and alerts/alarms can be communicated via 4 platforms to each pharmacy. The 4 platforms are:

  • short message service (SMS)
  • email
  • telephone call

All users will have access to live tracking of each of their tags via the WORLD WIDE WEB 24 hours a day, every day.