Our Devices

These devices can be used by multiple industries for monitoring such as pharmacies, veterinary clinics, butcheries, food stores, IT companies (for server rooms) or any other industry that needs to maintain a certain temperature in order to have successful operations.

Temperature Tag

Our Temperature Tags are perfect for fridge, freezer and ambient room readings, from as low as -20 degrees, to as high as +70 degrees celcius. Requires a Temperature Logger to act as gateway

Temperature Logger

The Thermologix Temperature Logger has 2 functions – it acts as a gateway for the Temperature Tags to communicate with the ThermoCloud Server, as well as to take ambient readings with an LCD screen to display the room temperature

Standalone Temperature Tag

Similar to our Temperature Tags, but does not require the Temperature Logger to communite with the ThermoCloud Server. Can be specced to come with a probe for Ultra Low/Ultra High Temperatures (ULT/UHT) as well. The ULT version is perfect for upto -200 degree celcius freezers, while the UHT version is suitable for upto +200 degrees celcius


Our CIO acts in the same way as our Temperature Loggers, without the LCD screen for quick and easy ambient temperature readings.
It has a much smaller footprint, with a longer lasting backup battery than the Temperature Logger.

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