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Temperature Monitoring

With WWW secure access allows the user to manage and monitor their refrigeration and thermal variances from remote locations.

Real-Time Reporting

Thermologix can deliver real-time reporting per tag and performs a health check every 4 hours

RFID Technology Solutions

allows automatic identification of objects, animals or people, thermal variations and GPS locations

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Who Are We?

Thermologix is a temperature monitoring company which offers credible, compliant and easy to use temperature monitoring devices. These devices can be used by multiple industries for monitoring such as pharmacies, butcheries, food stores, IT companies (for server rooms) or any other industry that needs to maintain a certain temperature in order to have successful operations.

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With Our Cloud Application, You Get:

  • Simultaneous Reporting on All Platforms – Whatsapp, Email, SMS, Missed Call
  • Smartphone Informer App. With Event Log for Occurrence Reports
  • Self-Diagnostic Software and FREE regular updates
  • Automatic periodic background reporting
  • Computer generated reporting schedules
  • Secure multi-user password web access
  • Web-based incident reporting
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The thermologix system eliminates the need to have someone to physically check the temperature periodically, as the system automatically checks and records temperatures reading at regular intervals. Reports are generated and sent to the designated staff twice daily.

Salmarz Pharmacy, M. A Cassim ( Director)

We found that the regular updates via SMS and email provide us with an advantage allowing the pharmacy team to respond timeously to temperature excursions. The Thermologix website provides invaluable information that is up to date and accurate and the printouts afforded the pharmacy the opportunity to argue on fact that a brand new fridge procured in March this year was faulty.

Melopharm Pharmacies, Edries Adams-Group Pharmacy Manager

Many thanks for introducing the THERMOLOGIX TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM to me. Since the easy self-installation of the unit in my fridge and pharmacy, there is absolutely no need to manually monitor fridge and room temperature twice a day. No need to worry about power failures, fridge and aircon breakdowns and best of all no need to have a register ready for when the Pharmacy Council inspector rock up.