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Simultaneous Reporting on All Platforms – smartphone app notification.

RFID Technology

Automatic identification of objects, animals or people, thermal variations and GPS locations

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These devices can be used by multiple industries for monitoring such as pharmacies, veterinary clinics, butcheries, food stores, IT companies (for server rooms) or any other industry that needs to maintain a certain temperature in order to have successful operations.

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Industries We Service


Refrigeration extends the shelf life of most products and slows the growth of bacteria that could cause foodborne illnesses such as Campylobacter, Listeria and Salmonella. Refrigerated units, coolers and display cases must be maintained at temperatures between 32 °F to 40 °F.


The temperature in a refrigerator that is used to store medicine in the prescription department of a pharmacy must be maintained between 36 degrees Fahrenheit and 46 degrees Fahrenheit


Our temperature monitoring system measures, captures & remotely logs temp & humidity data. Get real-time temperature & humidity readings to optimize production & mitigate risk.

Server Companies

Loggers can record ambient temperature and humidity in server rooms. The recorded data is uploaded straight to the cloud so that you can access it whether you're working on a desktop or mobile device


By using a temperature monitoring system, businesses can track, control, and regulate the temperature of a product in a specific environment.

Core Level


Temperature Monitoring

Our unique software with WWW secure access allows the user to manage and monitor their refrigeration and thermal variances /activations from remote locations.

Real Time Update

In the event of any tag recording a temperature exceeding its lower and upper thresholds, Thermologix will deliver real-time reporting per tag.

Movement Sensing

Active RFID Tags are populated with movement sensors( Animal control for farming). These tags then act as anti-tampering proactive warning devices that transmit data and status to a transponder locally or over several kilometers radius.

CTMS Platform

The software is also used as an audit and management tool for alarm notifications, responses and response times, incident management, email notification, and follow-up.

RFID Technology Solutions

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows automatic identification of objects, animals or people, thermal variations and GPS locations by attaching a small electronic chip to a “host”.


All users will have access to live tracking of each of their tags via the WORLD WIDE WEB 24 hours a day, every day.

Trusted by South Africa’s biggest organizations, for 7 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to various pharmacists, hospitals and retail stores.


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Temperature Devices

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Our Clients


Edries Adams Melopharm

This serves to highlight the exceptional service offered and provided by Thermologix. The logistical challenges during the pandemic were demanding of which vaccine stability was key. The services rendered by Thermologix were offered 24/7 and exemplary. We often had scientists and medical personnel requesting cold chain reports on the odd hour and we could count on Thermologix to generate those reports for submission via email.

Morne Odendaal MERC Research

The Thermologix temperature monitoring devices are completely wireless, easy to install and allow us to monitor our fridges at any time and from remote locations. The Thermologix software is designed in such a way that we are able to receive automatic alerts and notifications when a device exceeds its lower or upper thresholds. In this way, we were able to respond timeously to preserve our products and save on cost and the hassle to replace product lost.

Mohamed Barday City Of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town, City health facilities has installed the Thermologix devices at all of our registered pharmacies to comply with the South African Pharmacy Council Regulations. We also had the privilege of incorporating the Thermologix devices into our vaccination program, whereby we installed the devices in all of our primary storage facilities for the COVID-19 vaccinations. We have come to note that the devices are reliable, showing up to date, current temperatures.